Character Profile: Leah

Character Profile
Name: Leah

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Race/ethnicity/culture:  French/German American
Height: 5’6″
Face: Round
Body type:  Plump
Other:  Tattoo on her right shoulder – of a dragon fly

Where are they from?  Peabody, Massachusetts
Lifestyle: Comfortable

Family:  She has a decent relationship with her family – but isn’t super close to either mom or dad.  She has a younger sister – Malorie – who she’s pretty close with.
Friends:  She’s a popular girl who gets along with most folks she meets.  Has a small group of close friends.

Sexual orientation:  Heterosexual
What are they specifically attracted to?  Guys with a good sense of humor, toned bodies, humility.
Sexual experience:  Plenty – but always after a discerning search.
Romantic experience:  She has had far fewer romantic relationships than sexual ones.  There have been 3 long term relationships with several shorter ones that fizzled out when she was younger.

Trained in: No formal training beyond school.
Schooling/occupation:  Finished High School, working her way through college.  Works part time as a barista.
Hobbies:  Clubbing, parties, and spending time with friends.

Introvert/Extrovert:  Moderate extrovert
Right brain/left brain:  Right
Strengths: Kind, Easy-going, energetic
Weakness: Easily distracted, excitable, wears her emotions on her sleeve
Goals & Dreams:  She’s hopeful to explore the glob with her love (who she has yet to meet).
Fears & Insecurities: That she’ll be left forever alone.  That she’ll be judged for how she likes to live her life.
What are their beliefs?  Christian.
What would they die for?  At the moment – not much.

Role within the world:  A character meant to help lighten the mood and keep the story from becoming too dark and gritty.
Life experiences:

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