Character Profile: Layla

Character Profile
Name: Layla

Sex: Female
Gender: Woman
Age: 20
Race/ethnicity/culture: American
Height: 5’8″
Face: Round with long, dark, and wavy hair
Body type: Lithe and fit

Where are they from? New York City, New York
Lifestyle: Comfortable and a little lavish (moderate budget)

Family: Not close with her family, as they seem to think that giving her lots of money makes up for not being around a lot.
Friends: Very close with a lot of people. She enjoys spending money on her friends.

Sexual orientation: Bisexual
What are they specifically attracted to? Tits, cock, kind eyes, genuine affection and attention
Sexual experience: Yes, nothing too kinky
Romantic experience: Several dates, but no long term partners

Trained in: Effective money spending, basic banking and economics, parties
Schooling/occupation: College, Law degree
Hobbies: Parties

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Right brain/left brain: Right
Strength: Kind, Trusting, Hardworking
Weakness: Overbearing, Impatient, Vain
Goals & Dreams: Becoming a great lawyer and helping those who can’t afford to do so
Fears & Insecurities: She’ll never impress her family, and she’ll waste away as a party animal
What are their beliefs? Life is meant for living, and people is how we’re meant to live
What would they die for?

Role within the world: The heartbeat and glue of odd groups of friends
Life experiences:

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