Nothing Really to Say…

Just to help me keep up to date on how many reviews I have to do I’ll post them as apart of each blog. I’m behind still…5 weeks worth (but 1 is nearly done so then it’ll be 5).  In an effort to help me get more writing done and to catch up I’ve decided […]

100% Totally Caught Up…On Blogs

And with this blog post I’m fully caught up on this side of OPAP! Considering it’s Saturday night, the day when my blogs are ‘due’ I’d say I’ve made some progress in getting this stuff done!  Too bad I missed last week, but at least I caught it tonight.  But enough of that, I talked […]

Behind a week?

So I’m pretty sure I’m behind a week on my blog (while I’m behind 4 weeks on my reviews) so it’s time for me to fix that! I was pretty excited a little bit today since I thought I was all caught up on my blogs and all I had to do was write one […]

Still At It!

Still catching up! I’m all caught up with my bogs, but review wise I’m still behind.  Nothing to worry about as long as I keep working at trying to catch up, and catch up I will!  I start working again on Tuesday, so my free hours will be restricted, yet I feel that that might […]

Did I mention I was lazy?

Did I mention I was lazy?

Week 20, I think Whoops I forgot to make the post on Friday night.  I had the day off and I spent most of it sleeping and then killing lots of zombies.  Big life changes are in full swing, so mostly my mind has been occupied with that.  In a week or so, everything will […]

Never Give Up

It’s been a bad month for me on OPAP.  This week it’ll have been a whole month since my last review.  There’s still time to fix that, and I do plan to get things back on track, yet it’s still troubling to me that the gap has lasted this long.  I’ve really gotta put my […]

Rambling About Relationships

Well I’m playing catch up again. I suppose that’s to be expected.  I’ve gotten better at posting regularly, but I still tend to fail at keeping my dates.  I know what my next two reviews are going to be on so that’s a thing, though I still need to figure out the 3rd one.  Next […]

Wow, finally.

Weeks 17-19 So after like 3 weeks of laziness and challenge cheating, here are the last few weeks of the drawing challenge! In my opinion, all of it looks pretty bad but I just haven’t been in a drawing mood lately.  Kind of in a slump, I guess.  Also maybe I’ll just stick to digital […]

OPAP Ramblings

Can’t say I’m not surprised that I’m playing catch up again. Last week’s review is overdue and this week’s review is due tomorrow.  Yet, I’ve always managed to catch back up again.  Here’s hoping that I continue to not let things fall behind indefinitely!  Since I’ve at least gotten my blog caught up before Saturday […]

Look, I’ll give it to you straight…

I’m … really, REALLY lazy. I missed my weekly post this past Friday on account of…well, massive laziness.  And some part due to stress.  About half the drawings this week were on paper (yeah, real life paper) and I did not feel like going through the effort of taking pictures of them and correcting the contrast […]