Getting Specific

Counting this week I owe OPAP 14 works. I am hopeful about catching up on what I owe.  This past Monday I cleaned up my room and got my desk over from home, and I set it-along with my desktop-up.  My room feels so much nicer, and so much more complete with the desk and […]

Working on DMing

I owe 12 writing pieces to OPAP and I’m caught up on my blogs. As I talked about in my last blog piece (the one posted earlier today) I’m going to focus next on a couple of character sheets that are for characters in the campaign and in my own writing.  The first character I believe […]

Dungeons and Dragons & Writing

12 writing works are owed to OPAP, and 1 blog after this one. You’d think that after 2 weeks I’d have made some effort to catch up on what I ‘owe’ OPAP.  Sadly that hasn’t been the case.  Part of that is due to the amount of time I’ve been dedicating towards preparing for Sunday […]

More of the Same

Okie… I now owe 12 writing piece and I’m fully caught up on my blogs. The 12 I owe is including this weeks.  I’ve decided I need to sit down and just bang out a bunch of stuff.  I’m not going to catch up at the rate I’m currently going and when I sit down […]

Now Accepting New Works…

Heya!  I owe 12 writing pieces and I owe 1 blog.  The game plan is to write the second blog post tonight and be completely caught up on that front.  I’ve also a new plan regarding my writing pieces. In an effort to catch up with my writing pieces and to help me with my […]

Spring/Summer Cleaning

Heya!  And I’m back from BronyCon! I ‘owe’ 9 pieces with the 10th due this week.  My blog posts are still caught up! Welp-I’m doing fantastic on the blog side of things.  I just gotta figure out how I’m going to get my non-blog works to be as awesome.  I’ve got some ideas for what I […]


If I post this weeks review before BronyCon then I ‘owe’ 7 with the 8th due next week.  If I don’t post the review until after BronyCon then I ‘owe’ 8 with the 9th due the week after.  My blogs are up to date! I am proud of myself for working at getting these posts […]

Prepping for BronyCon

I currently ‘owe’ 8 pieces with the 9th due next week.  However, should I finish my review in a timely manner I’ll ‘owe’ 7 and have the 8th due next week.  My blogs are currently on track. While I’m a little behind on my review it is in the works.  However, I’ve taken a break from my […]

Refreshing Goals/Dreams

I ‘owe’ 7 reviews/written works and the 8th is due this week.  I’m on track regarding my blogs. I did start the review last night.  That was good.  However my roommate came up to my room and we talked for over an hour.  That was bad. At least it was bad in the sense that […]

Figuring my OPAP ‘debt’

Huza!  I’ve managed to get a review out, which brings my current ‘debt’ to 6 reviews/works.  Since I’ve so many works I ‘owe’ OPAP I’ve decided that my goal is to slowly work my way through my backlog by doing 1 or 2 pieces a week.  That way I can either maintain the gap, or […]