New England Audiobook Retreat

I owe 8 pieces. I’m proud of myself.  I’m going away for the weekend, and won’t be able to post anything during my normal days so I’m doing my work early.  Where am I going?  I’m going to the ‘New England Audiobook Retreat.’  It’s a retreat for folks in the audiobook industry in New England […]


I owe 8 pieces of work. I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of listening.  It’s a skill that I believe many folks seem to have lost, especially when things turn to politics.  Actually listening to someones words and think about them instead of immediately trying to craft your counter argument. It’s not that the […]

Making Money

I owe 8 pieces. Down another piece of writing.  I’ve gotten a lot better at meeting my deadlines, and add in my writing everyday I’m actually confident that I’ll be able to keep posting things on OPAP regularly.  Definitely something to be excited about! The next step is to increase how much work I’m doing and […]

Making Gains

I still owe 9 pieces. At the time of writing this I want nothing more than to collapse in my bed.  It’s been a long day, and tomorrow promises to be just as long. However, I’m determined to not let myself slip out of my budding habit to write everyday and my habit to keep […]

Sleeping Schedule

I still owe 9 pieces of work. Something new I’m trying to do is develop a better sleeping habit.  While I love staying up late I find I’m most productive in the morning.  With that in mind I’m trying to develop a new habit of going to bed around 11:15PM and then getting up at 7:15AM. […]

New Goals & Looking Up

I ‘owe’ 9 pieces of work. I’m certainly making some headway these days!  It’s been awesome as I’ve really buckled down and started pushing myself to write.  Heck I’ve even got a new personal goal for my writing! My new goal is to write about 250-300 words a day.  It’s honestly not that much.  However, […]

Transitioning to ‘A House Divided’

I still owe 10 pieces, and my blog is caught up. I didn’t continue my winning streak, but I’ve at least continued to keep up.  Honestly at this point I’d say I’m just about done with my general overviews and character studies for ‘Holy Murder.’  Once I’ve got my cast list there isn’t much else for […]

A New Goal

I owe 10 pieces of writing, and I’m caught up on my blog. Well technically I’m a little late on my blog, but now that I’m writing it I’m all caught up!  However, I feel as though I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog side of things.  I’ve spent little time thinking about it […]

Advancing on my stories

I owe OPAP 11 items. I did it again.  Somehow I managed to not only post something for this week, but I managed to post something to help reduce the debt.  However, the real achievement is that I’m actually doing real work on one of my stories.  My goal is to continue to work at […]

Victory Lap

I owe OPAP 12 works. Holy shit. For the first time in ages, I’ve made the ‘works owed’ count go down.  Not just keep it steady, but made it go down!  I’m actually really proud of myself for that small achievement.  Plus I’ve been doing some good work on my TV script which has slowly […]