I Will Act

I owe 7 pieces. I’d really like to get that ‘I owe’ down to 0 and never have to say I owe myself something again.  I know there’ll be times when I’ll have to put it back up, but I like to dream.  I’ve gotten a lot better, but there’s still so much more for me […]

Step by step

I owe 7 pieces. I’ve been stalling, and what’s worse is that recently I’ve been struggling to keep my regular posts regular like.  I’ve no reason to have been struggling since I’ve been writing consistently everyday for a few months now, plenty of material for me to use or post.  I simply have to keep […]

Christmas Day

I owe 7 pieces. Happy Holidays! It’s Christmas Day, and I hope everyone is have a marvelous day, both at the time of writing and the time of reading!  I myself am with family and juggling spending time with them, and making sure I get my own quiet moments.  Both are important, especially since family […]

Catching back up…again

I owe 8 pieces. I’ve slipped a bit.  I could place the blame on the fact that I was out of state with family, but of course that wouldn’t be entirely true.  I knew I was leaving the state, so I could have done the post early or I could have made the post during […]

Not Throwing Away my Shot

Still owe 7 pieces. Whoops, a little late this week, but hey I got it together.  I’m proud of how I’ve managed to maintain a pretty steady stream of content for this website.  Not always the highest of quality, but I’ve got stuff on here.  That alone is something worth mentioning I think.  Though there’s […]

Over Today

I owe 7 pieces. Well today’s been a rough day.  My desktop isn’t functioning correctly and is, in essence, unusable, and my Dungeons and Dragons group was completely unfocused.  The first hour or so my group was focused, getting through the dungeon, and having a lot of fun.  Sadly after that first hour or so they became […]

Move Forward

Holding strong at 7 pieces owed. I’m a little late this week with my rambling piece, but I’m here at last. With winter drawing ever closer, and my hours at Spoiled Rotten shrinking, I’m at the point where it’s time I start pressing for other opportunities.  I’ve managed to write every day for over 2 […]


I owe 7 pieces. Over the past month I’ve been attempting to complete the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  As of yet I’ve failed to keep up with the NaNoWriMo deadlines, however it’s not over until it is over.  Secondly while I might be behind I’ve taken a large bite out of the story, Instinct. […]

The Election

This past week I’ve found it very difficult to write.  I know the reason.  Sadly that hasn’t made it any easier to begin. The 2016 election has loomed over me this week. I’m not sure what to say, or where to turn.  Seeing Hillary Clinton, a women I was excited to vote for, lose was […]

Getting Serious about Audiobooks

I owe 8 pieces. Last weekend I went to my Audiobook Retreat, and I learned that I’m ready. I’m ready to face the industry, and I’m ready to move out of my job at Spoiled Rotten.  The hard part is taking that step.  I know what the steps I need to take are, and they’re […]