Day 12

I’ve come to notice an interesting thing, one I find rather odd. At least I find it somewhat odd, maybe you amongst the void seeing this don’t find it so odd. Perhaps it’s perfectly normal, but I digress. My observation is that upon completing a project I’m not often fill with jubilee and joy. At […]

Day 11

Part of me wonders what the point of these blogs are. Often times I don’t feel as though I’m saying anything worth typing down, much less sharing. Sharing my work on ‘The Written Word’ at least has a clear purpose. The blog side of things? Not so much. I know once I’ve completed the Month […]

Day 10

I wonder if anyone got my joke/reference yesterday? Honestly I would be surprised if anyone did, but if you did AWESOME! Two thumbs up! For those of you wondering what the heck I’m talking about, I’m referring to ‘Day[9].’ Day[9] is, still to this day, my favorite internet celebrity and the guy I look up […]


I have far more work ahead of me than I realized. I’ve mapped out my general cast list for my character profiles, and my current cast list takes me into the first week of August. I’m going to end my blogs on the 31st, but I’ll finish the cast list of ‘Tales of a Sorceress.’ […]

Day 8

Living with roommates means making compromises and sacrifice. I have no issue with that, as we’re all living together, so compromise is how we insure that we’re satisfied with how we’re living. What I do take issue with is when my roommates ask me to give up time to help, and then fail to show […]

Day 7

Sometimes I find it difficult to not get discouraged with my audio work. I’m at that point where I can see where I want to be and I know a lot of the ins and outs of the trade, but I still hit brick walls. There are places where my talents and skills aren’t enough […]

Day 6

This week was a rough one for my creative activities. I haven’t recorded anything, though I’ve gone to my ‘studio’ to do just that, I haven’t written anything, and I’m not ahead of my OPAP blog like I wanted to be. However, that’s not to say that I haven’t managed to achieve anything this week. […]

Day 5

Exercising my creative side has become difficult of late. I feel melancholy, especially when I take a step back from my work. There’s a sense that I should have been doing this work years ago, and by doing it now I’ve failed in someway. This is a sense that I need to wack upside the […]

Day 4

First and foremost, Happy 4th of July! To anyone not from the United States of America reading this 1) hello thank you for checking in, 2) have an astounding day regardless, and 3) how did you find this place? I’m a little late getting this out today. Got caught up yesterday with Dungeons and Dragons […]

Day 3

As I’m working on these Character Profiles I’ve come to realize that I might not be able to complete the character’s history notes 100% the fist time, and that’s okay. There’s a part of me that wants to do nothing more than sit down and work on the profile until I’ve got it completed. However, […]