Animal Crackers

The following is a flash story written for my senior thesis. Animal Crackers Each Saturday morning I wake up early to sneak into the zoo. There is a hole in the chain link fence behind the lion’s pen, and I hide my bike in a prickly bush before crawling through. The lions greet me. The […]

What is flash fiction?

While I must admit that I could (and have) written at length about this genre that specializes in brevity, I will attempt to explain the understanding of flash fiction I came to through my capstone research somewhat briefly. The following are excerpts from my research. What is flash fiction? Flash fiction is, essentially, very short fiction, defined […]

Vroom Vroom

The following is a flash fiction story I wrote for my senior capstone in English. Vroom Vroom George got the call two minutes after he walked in the door. He’d greeted the secretary and set his blue coffee thermos and sack lunch down on his desk. “We’ve got an OOG by the side of the […]

An Excerpt from my Work

Putting aside thoughts and concerns about why the ancient text would be trying to help her, Neria flipped back to the beginning. Early Spring 5,503 Age of Strife He is dead… Neria’s eyes flared in excitement.  Not at the words, but the date.  5,503 was the considered the final year for the ‘Onset of Shadow.’ […]

The Worm Graveyard

The following 100 word story has been written in preparation for my senior thesis in creative writing. The Worm Graveyard The sidewalk is a tomb. Small gray bodies litter the concrete, caked in sand and twisted into desperate shapes. During rainstorms the worms always come to the surface, perhaps to avoid drowning in saturated earth, […]


Got around to doing even more of this writing thing.  More truthfully, there’s more that’s sticking when ideas are thrown at the proverbial wall. This scene is what currently exists as the prologue to the last story chronologically in the series.  Comments and critiques welcome. Contact   ^|^

Less-than-Daily Post

There’s one teensy-weensy, but ever-so-crucial, little tiny detail about working on things on a daily basis: you need to work on such things daily.  The process is helped when there’s time to commit, and life doesn’t throw things at you.  It also helps if you have hands; I hear that llamas have a very difficult […]

What Comes Next?

We all know the stories of great evil and how great armies and heroes rise to face the darkness.  But what happens after the shadow has been defeated?  What happens to the soldiers who held the line, to the heroes who lead the charge and defeated the rising evil, and those who followed in evils wake?  The […]

Day One

I’m trying to get back in the swing of writing.  I’ve had lots of success with exercises, simple immersion techniques that get me reacquainted with the universe in which these characters live and move and have their being.  This is the first attempt at getting back into the swing of things.  Commentary and critiques welcome. […]