Little Steps

I’ve done little writing this week, however that’s not to say I’ve done nothing. I’ve been making steady, if slow, progress on editing my short story and I’ve poked at my longer title a few times as well. My biggest struggle this week has been the focus part. I’ve sat down a number of times […]

What’s in a blog?

I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing with this blog. I’ve struggled in the past to determine what to do with blogs in general and I’ve always gone in circles. I’ve taken to journaling, but I do that in a physical book and this isn’t really the place for that. I like to let those […]

New Art Challenges

Jess’s recent post has been inspiring me to try my hand at art beyond my own normal stuff (I.E. voice acting and writing). For the past few weeks or so I’ve been trying my hand at drawing. I decided I want to buckle down and practice the basics. I need to learn from the ground […]

Inspiration through doubt

I’ve been very fortunate to have surrounded myself with creative folks or those who appreciate the creative arts. From artist to performers I’ve been able to experience the creation of a lot of art from their beginning up to their finish. This not only means I get to see all kinds of awesome stuff, but […]

A Long Time

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Part of that is because it’s been a long time since I’ve actually sat down to try and write anything. I’m a little disappointed in myself for being away and not writing for so long, but I never lost the desire to write or stop telling […]

Self Doubt

Good news is I’ve been working on a few writing projects (as well as making a greater push in my other professional aspirations). The bad news is I haven’t written that one scene I mentioned for A House Divided and I still wish to. Though I have started to take that approach on another story […]

Long & Rambling

I’ve been listening to a new podcast called “Writing Excuses” that is – as you might have guessed –  a podcast focused on writing.  Each episode is about 15-20 minuets long and they have a wonderful panel of several writers and have weekly guests.  A typical podcast set up – but with bite sized episodes and […]

Figuring a story out…

The good part is I’m writing~! The bad part is I’m writing on this blog rather than actually putting words down on paper for one of my stories.  I have a few stories I want to work on – but I’m lacking all the pieces.  It’s the same problem that’s plagued me for years.  I’ll […]

Return of the Blog

It has been a long time, nearly a year, since I’ve graced been to this website.  It was nice to take a break from it, but I think it’s high time I return.  For one thing I do want to write and this is a good place to do just that.  If I’ve said that […]

Day 31

Well this is the end of the Month of July. I did alright, all things considered. Not perfect, but I certainly did better than I feared I might. I have yet to finish my character profiles, and catch up on those of course, but I don’t have as many as I might have. They should […]