Blog Updates and New Look

Hello! Jess here with a quick update – had to update our WordPress version – I don’t think it would have broken our theme but I worried it would.  Running the theme update definitely broke the theme and restored some features I spent some time to remove.  So I looked for another style similar to […]

I’m back and with a present!

I’m going to start off this post by saying  I don’t know how long I’ll be here and I won’t promise I’ll be consistent.  It’s been over two years since I last posted, with life having its usual ups and downs.  I’ve touched my drawing tablet maybe… five times in total since 2016, but honestly, […]

Did I mention I was lazy?

Week 20, I think Whoops I forgot to make the post on Friday night.  I had the day off and I spent most of it sleeping and then killing lots of zombies.  Big life changes are in full swing, so mostly my mind has been occupied with that.  In a week or so, everything will […]

Wow, finally.

Weeks 17-19 So after like 3 weeks of laziness and challenge cheating, here are the last few weeks of the drawing challenge! In my opinion, all of it looks pretty bad but I just haven’t been in a drawing mood lately.  Kind of in a slump, I guess.  Also maybe I’ll just stick to digital […]

Look, I’ll give it to you straight…

I’m … really, REALLY lazy. I missed my weekly post this past Friday on account of…well, massive laziness.  And some part due to stress.  About half the drawings this week were on paper (yeah, real life paper) and I did not feel like going through the effort of taking pictures of them and correcting the contrast […]

Keeping it trim.

Week 16 That title makes no sense.  Anyway, another post short and sweet because I’ve been feeling a bit down lately.  Here’s another set of faces.  I played around with color a bit more this time but ultimately went back to black and white.  Ah well. That’s all from me.  See you next week.

Short and Sweet

Week 15 Making this a quick post because I really want to go play some 7 Days to Die.  Two more Undertale fanarts because I’m a massive dork.  Doing lots of face drawings in preparation for those portraits….Still working on it.  But I’ve switched over to a monotone color scale just to keep things simple. […]

I’m here to talk words and post art….and I’m all out of words

Week 14 Really though, I don’t have much to talk about.  I actually remembered I had to post this week’s daily drawings while I was in the middle of catching up on The Walking Dead. Other than that… I started working on my comic again.  The idea has been sitting on my mind since we started […]


Well, it’s been over a year since we gave OPAP a little facelift and the home page has been “under construction” that entire time … up until today! This post, I’m introducing a new (VERY simple) home page which, as promised, serves as a portal to the rest of the sites.  Right now, there’s only the blog, my […]

How many ways can you say 25%?

Week 13 Like…two ways? There are probably more ways.  I just don’t know them.  But anyway! We are a quarter of the way through the year, which means I’m a quarter of the way through this challenge! Hooray! So, last week, after complaining about the lack of texture I was getting with the default Krita […]