Hello! Jess here with a quick update – had to update our WordPress version – I don’t think it would have broken our theme but I worried it would.  Running the theme update definitely broke the theme and restored some features I spent some time to remove.  So I looked for another style similar to our old one and decided to update the site with this new look.  It’s way more minimalist than before, so when you go look at a post, the side menu will now be missing.  Boo! So I added links to the categories to the top menu instead so we can all see the tasty content on here.

A benefit of the new theme is that the font is bigger, so it should be cleaner and easier to read no matter what screen you’re on.  Hooray!

In other non-blog related news, my D&D group is starting a new (5th edition) campaign this Friday, in which I play a sheltered wood elf (but actually half-dryad) druid.  I hope to write up some stories or post artwork in the upcoming days related to this, as I have not been so inspired by a character in so long.  Her backstory is over 3 pages! I’ve never written a backstory like this before.  I’m very excited to play her, to say the least.

But, that’s slightly off-topic and I will save that excitement for another day.  Until next time!