Jess’s recent post has been inspiring me to try my hand at art beyond my own normal stuff (I.E. voice acting and writing). For the past few weeks or so I’ve been trying my hand at drawing. I decided I want to buckle down and practice the basics. I need to learn from the ground up. It’s been…fun isn’t the right word, but it’s the closest word I can think of. There’s this strange sense of pride as I complete my piece, even as I see several points where the image looks weird and misshapen.

I’ve enjoyed diving back into something that I’ve only pawed and prodded at in recent years. Trying to look at my own work with a critical eye, but also learning to see what looks good has been helpful. Ironically enough this skill that I struggle with in my writing and acting work I seem to have a better grasp on when drawing. It makes me want to try my hands at other forms of art, and try other things beyond art that I might never have considered. I suppose this ties into my travel lust and my desire to see the world. I don’t want to just do the one thing I’ve always done. I want to see and experience everything, even if that experience isn’t me taking up the reigns. Getting a chance to experience something new and different can sometimes be all I need.

This winter, while continuing to work on my audiobook narrator and voice acting career, I am determined to make a real go of practicing and learning other things. Give me a few months and hopefully I’ll be comfortable enough to share the little sketches I make. Currently such a feat seems beyond me, but I should like to share something here beyond my own ramblings. Sharing my growth in drawings, as a newbie artists, could be a fun direction.