I’ve been very fortunate to have surrounded myself with creative folks or those who appreciate the creative arts. From artist to performers I’ve been able to experience the creation of a lot of art from their beginning up to their finish. This not only means I get to see all kinds of awesome stuff, but I also get the side benefit of being inspired and wanting to create my own pieces.

I’ve wrote at great length about my desire to write, and of course my own struggles. I’ve often fallen behind on my goals and have felt like I’ve been starting over from scratch, but that’s only half true. Every time I take those few steps back, I’ve taken enough steps forward that I’ve kept advancing – however slowly. I’ve progressed with my health and fitness, I’ve become more active than in the past and continue to try to improve my level of activity and exercise. I have also progressed with my audio work. While my work has been slow, and hasn’t paid a ton, I have gotten jobs and have earned money. My writing, while progressing slower than any of the others, has also continued. During the last Nation Novel Writing Month I wrote 49,000 words. Not enough to succeeded and ‘win’ but enough that looking back I can say “I wrote an F-ton.”

Slow progress is still progress. Sometimes I feel like I stop seeing the forest for the trees, especially in terms of my progressive in the creative fields. This is where being surrounded by creative folk is a boon. As I suffer fatigue and wonder if I should give up my artistic pursuits I’ll often find myself becoming inspired by others stories, artworks, and creations. It’s a never ending cycle.

I feel this is an important reminder to sometimes take a step back from your work. Our improvements are in such subtle steps and are so small that in the moment we don’t see them. I definitely have a tendency to not see my own growth, and need to be re-inspired to return to my work.