I’m going to start off this post by saying  I don’t know how long I’ll be here and I won’t promise I’ll be consistent.  It’s been over two years since I last posted, with life having its usual ups and downs.  I’ve touched my drawing tablet maybe… five times in total since 2016, but honestly, I just have too much to do at this point.  And as you can see in the posted picture, I’ve been sort of busy with a different kind of craft.

To combat my ever increasing anxiety over the last couple of years, I’ve delved deep into the art of knitting and crochet.  I first learned when I was in high school, but never really got into it until my sophomore year of college.  My first “real” project was a knitted six foot long scarf in sock-weight yarn for my boyfriend.  For the next two years after that, I did a few hats and a few more scarves, but life was troubling and I had to focus on school.  I actually wish now I had gotten more into it back then – I think it would have helped me through a lot of bad stuff.  Anyway…it wasn’t until 2016 where I really hit my addiction to these crafts.

The reason for that being … Reddit, to be honest.  During that year, I got a new job (one of the aforementioned life changes in my last posts).  As a programmer, I get a lot of downtime during the work day, whether I’m taking a break or waiting for my developer environment to restart.  During said downtime, I didn’t want to browse Imgur as I did at my previous job because I was in a cube with three other people, with my computer screens facing the entrance of the cube.  So, naturally, I turned to Reddit because it was a bit more inconspicuous if anyone were to take a random glance at my screen.  That is where I discovered the crochet and knitting subreddits.  Browsing these posts gave me inspiration – look at all those beautiful blankets, and hats, and sweaters, and socks! And eventually one of those posts led me to this wonderful site that sells good quality yarn that is incredibly affordable!

If you are someone who knits/crochets or knows someone who does… it will come as no surprise to learn that I’ve built up quite the stash of yarn over the last two years.  Yes, I swear I have projects in mind…for most of it.  And while I’m not quite at the “crazy” point as some people might be, it’s probably enough yarn to last me for the next five years.  But it just. Keeps. Growing.  (Sales are hard to resist!)

So, eventually – to keep track of all the patterns I want to make and my ever-growing yarn stash, I made a Ravelry account.  Ravelry, if you’re not familiar with it, is basically a site that holds thousands of patterns for knitting/crochet, even weaving.  It also has tools to store your yarn stash and keep track of all your projects.  Some features of the site are exclusive but it’s almost a must-have for any knitter/crocheter.  And now to the main point of this post…

Today, I published my first written crochet pattern on Ravelry.  It is, surprise, a pumpkin pattern! Thanks to Reddit, a pumpkin trend was going around and I tried to resist it, I really did.  All was fine until I was organizing and cleaning up the closet one day, and found some random yellow/orange yarn balls begging to be made into pumpkins.  I honestly don’t even know where the yarn had come from.  I think it was gifted to me at some point? Either way, I didn’t have a set project in mind so pumpkins it is!

The thing about the pumpkin trend circulating on the crochet subreddit is that the pumpkins, while cute, didn’t actually appeal to me that much.  Simply, I just didn’t like how they were constructed.  So I looked for an alternative pattern.  I eventually found one that I liked (in the picture above, the yellow/orange pumpkins on the left and right are from that pattern) and was also super easy to do.  And so I thought my desire to make pumpkins was over.

Not. At. All.  You see, there was this half skein of yarn left over from a different project.  The yarn itself is the famous self-striping Lion Brand Mandala in the colorway Warlock.  Normally, the colors would be perfectly fine.  There was gold, green, red, purple, gray, and my least favorite – tan.  In this remaining half skein, I had three colors: gold, gray, tan, with a small amount of purple.  I attempted to make a hat to go with the scarf I made from this yarn.  I was freehanding, meaning I wasn’t following a pattern.  But no matter what I did, I hated it.  Tan is my least favorite color and nothing I could do would make me like it even just a little bit.  I finally tossed the hat onto a table and figured I would unravel it and find something else to do with it.

Well, apparently the thing to do with it is a pumpkin! After making several pumpkins in the yellow and orange yarns, I walked past this hat, took one look at it, and thought how PERFECT this yarn was for making pumpkins.  However… the only pumpkin pattern that I had liked is worked flat and then the edges are sewn together to form a cylinder shape.  This would NOT do for a yarn that is self striping because the yarn changes color.  It would mean, for example, one side of the pumpkin would be in gold and the other side in gray.  I wasn’t thrilled about that idea.

But, as I said, there was no other pattern that I liked.  I looked all over Ravelry, I searched Google for patterns on blogs.  Nothing.  So I said, you know what? I’ll make my own.

And here we are.  The pattern is called “Textured Pumpkin” (not very creative I KNOW) and is free to download at Ravelry (no account required even) – I may make a detailed tutorial covering the more complicated bits to post in my personal blog space, but there it is in all its glory! I’m super proud mainly because I didn’t think I’d ever write a pattern, much less publish it for other people, so I’ve just been really excited and wanting to share.

I know I originally started this site to house art and creative writing, but it’s creative and it’s writing! So it counts, right? Totally does.

Until next time!