It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Part of that is because it’s been a long time since I’ve actually sat down to try and write anything. I’m a little disappointed in myself for being away and not writing for so long, but I never lost the desire to write or stop telling stories. Heck I’ve even been taking actions to help me get away from Spoiled Rotten and retail work for good, but we’ll see if it’s enough to get away this year.

I am, as usual, behind where I want to be. Thankfully I am slowly making progress. I do have about 12 short stories done through Andrews UK and a few others that I did directly with the authors. I’ve taken to giving myself goals to complete each week and each time I complete some I’m one micro-step closer. Some of these goals are goals that don’t really change the direction of my life, but I’m hoping that they will improve the quality of it (such as taking out the trash and vacuuming regularly). As long as I keep the balance between quality of life and advancing my life goals (and completing them) I’ll be in a better spot.

Some new goals I’d like to work on is – surprise surprise – writing regularly. Something I’d like to change from how I’ve done it in the past is not writing once or twice a week or everyday, but rather something closer reflecting a normal work week. Saturday and Sunday are days off and Monday through Friday are work days. I’m hoping that with some rest days, but maintaining a rigorous schedule I can avoid burnout while remaining busy enough to fall into habit. This will be easier once I’m away from Spoiled Rotten (and other work), and until then I can’t fully give up working on those weekend days as that’s when I have time to work on my own projects. That said I like having a goal to work towards and I think it’s a reasonable one.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make enough money to retire from retail and other jobs soon! Until then I should start working on some more job applications. If I have to work somewhere I might as well do it some place I don’t hate and get paid well for it!

Places I want to look at for more audiowork is Upwork and Findaway Voices. These are places I’ve heard some positive things about and I think are at least worth taking a look at. I plan on checking in on them this Sunday. Plus finding some new work via ACX isn’t a bad idea either. My work through AndrewsUK is only giving me so much.

Time to work!