The good part is I’m writing~!

The bad part is I’m writing on this blog rather than actually putting words down on paper for one of my stories.  I have a few stories I want to work on – but I’m lacking all the pieces.  It’s the same problem that’s plagued me for years.  I’ll have a beginning and/or an end but the middle fails to go anywhere.  I can’t seem to figure out how to tie the parts together.

One such story is currently shaping up to be a Young Adult Fantasy novel.  I’ve got the beginning and what I believe is the end point of the story, but I’m missing a rather large chunk of ACT II.  I haven’t been able to come up with something that connects ACT I and ACT III.  I feel that part of this is because it ACT III is more action/adventure while ACT I feels more slice of life.  I’m having trouble bridging this gap of genres.

Perhaps if I pull more action/adventure into ACT I and have the special plot item stolen at the end of ACT I I can then have ACT II be still somewhat slice of life, but with the added threat of needing to recover the said item.  Actually as I’m thinking about this (and this is all stuff I’m coming up with on the spot) I wondering if narratively it would be better for the item to be taken earlier in ACT I to give the story more of a driving force behind it.  However – I’m already rejecting that idea.  I’ll do it if the story arch calls for it – but I’d really much rather avoid it.

Perhaps simply having the threat of someone working against the main cast in ACT I is enough – and then when the item is stolen it signals a shift in the story.  The world is a little bit more dangerous as the cast aren’t dealing with the threat of being targets but actually having to deal with the reality of it.  ACT III then would be the embrace of the threat and the characters becoming a threat themselves.

Hu…I guess I figured out what kind of story this is; a Young Adult Fantasy Coming of Age tale.  ACT I – the innocents and rejection of the threat of the adult world.  ACT II – the struggle over what does becoming an adult mean and how do the character’s wish to move forward in life.  ACT III – taking action and taking a step into that larger, more dangerous, and far scarier world – or something along these lines.

…I need to write blog posts and get more specific about my ideas more often – I wasn’t even terribly specific here either.  In the past I’ve always tried to avoid getting close to things that could be ‘spoilers.’  However – looking back now I’m realizing that that likely has hurt me far more than I previously realized.  I do my best work when I’m able to collaborate – and lacking people to talk with I can at least pretend to talk with…whomever is reading this.  (Hello random internet viewer~)  By conversing with myself, if no one else, I’m at least able to sit down and work through the issues at hand.  It’s far better than staring blankly at an empty page and saying “I’ve got nothing.”

Ironically it’s the same issue I had in many of my acting classes that my professors worked so hard to drill out of me.  I need to allow myself to stop hiding my work and give myself permission to be vulnerable.  Of Paint and Pen is meant to be a place (to me at least) where I can not only share my work, but seek to improve it.  This is a work space.  Maybe it’s time I start treating OPAP a bit more like it?