The character profiles are gonna take a bit more time than I’d originally anticipated. I knew going in that they would chew up a lot of time, but I didn’t fully grasp just how much. Part of this miscalculation is because I realized while working on today’s Character Profile that I needed a few extra sections as part of my ‘questionnaire’.

Fortunately the better I know these characters the more cohesive the tales will be to begin with. Plus I do enjoy creating characters. I like imagining what trials they will face, and how the characters might fair in said trails. What will they fall for? I am eager to work on the other cast members, but I will have to be sure to give myself the proper time. I will not shortchange myself in the character creation.

I’ve learned that the most important thing when crafting a story, is to be sure that I know my characters, all of them, inside and out. To often I’ve read (or in a few terrible cases written) a scene that clashes terribly with a character’s established personality and beliefs. Not only does this jar the reader from the piece, but it also betrays the knowledge that the plot was written for the plot rather than the characters. There is nothing wrong with writing like that, but when the scaffolding and other parts begin to show it weakens the image that the writer is attempting to create.

By creating thorough profiles for each character I can avoid glaring issues of clashing plot points and character beliefs.