I’ve completely failed catching up on OPAP’s blog and my other works. Despite my failure I’m not giving up, nor shall I ever. I’ve decided that every day during the month of July, so beginning today until the 31st of July, I’m going to post a blog and another work a day. After I’ve completed that I’d like to return to a blog a week. However before I can move onto that first I must clear up my ‘owed’ work.

For much of the month I’m going to be focusing on ‘Tales of a Sorceress’ and working on Character Profiles for the cast. Once I’ve completed the Character Profiles for ‘Tales of a Sorceress’ I will work on Character Profiles for the cast of ‘Dragon,’ and possibly find a proper name for that story. The Character Profiles page I’m going to use is a bit more specific compared to what I’ve done in the past.

After July I still want to use my side of OPAP to compile and hold my Character Profiles, Outlines, and general notes for my work. Sharing excerpts isn’t really helping me further my goals, so I might share a few piece of them, however it won’t be my focus. I’ve refined my goals, both short and long term, and I want to use OPAP as a tool to help me achieve said goals.

Everything before me is achievable.