I’ve fallen even further behind.  11 pieces owed and 3 blogs (with this week being number 4).

My goal today is to completely catch up to where I should be, had I been doing my work I for the past month or so.  I’ve been terrible of late, and that’s not just in regards to this blog.

I’ve struggled keeping my exercises and drawings going, and sometimes my writing too, and had to double up on some days.  Add in my struggles with my audiobook career, and I’m really falling behind.  Nothing too bad has happened, but at the same time I’ve been lax and would like to correct that.  It’s fine to have lazy days happen once and a while, but I don’t like the idea of it being a habit.

To help combat this my goal is to use today, a snowy day, to play catch up.  Today I’d like to share several pieces to reduce my writing owed, my blogs, and also get my ACX account properly made.  All together this shouldn’t take too long.  Honestly, the thing that’s going to take up the most amount of time is likely to be the blogs.  I’ve been writing daily (except for those times I’ve had to double up) and have plenty of material to share, and if I sit down and focus I can get something solid for ACX!

Time to regroup and catch up!