I owe 6 pieces, and I’ve caught up with my blogs!

I’m just about ready to crawl into bed, but before I do I need to do some drawing for the day (I’ll have to save my double up that I owe for tomorrow) and my minimum writing that I need to do.  Plus I still have some exercises that I need to do before going to bed.

Today has been a somewhat productive day for me.  I haven’t gotten stuff done that ‘helps’ me per say, but keeping this blog going is important to me.  It’s a place I can dump my thoughts.  However, there’s something that I’ve avoided and I’ve considered talking about but always chicken out.

Unless you’ve kept your head in the sand you’re probably aware of how politics have been crept into our lives.  The election was insane, but even after the dust has settled things have been a whirlwind.  There is plenty I could say, yet I don’t.  I’m hesitant to bring politics up since I understand how explosive it can be.

This isn’t a political blog or website, it’s an art website.  Yet, art is inherently political.  When you had Captain America punching Hitler in the face it was making political statement.  Shakespeare’s plays are incredibly political.  However I’m not sure I want to bring those statements to the forefront.  Political statements will always be apart of whatever I craft, but I think I’d rather do it through my story telling than through an essay.

I prefer to avoid direct confrontation when possible, and getting into the political world, at least on this website, seems like stoking the flames that don’t need to be stoked.  I’m not ruling anything out, but at the same time I’m likely to maintain my course, which is avoiding the political here.

I know myself well enough to know that I’m a bit of a political firebrand, and getting into political talks are not something to aim for.