I owe 6 pieces, and 3 blogs (I’m counting for this weekend).

I’ve managed to take a large dent out of the amount of work owed.  Next is my attempt to catch up on my blogs.  I can feel sleep tugging at me, and I think it would be in my best interest to get to bed earlier, if possible, tonight.  In the interest of doing that I’m going to push my ACX work off on tomorrow.  I know I haven’t been doing ACX for a while, however having caught up with OPAP is something I’ve also been putting off.  As is my attempts to get a somewhat normal sleep schedule.  Taking bites out of my ‘to do list’ is probably better than trying to force myself to take it all at once.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to Spoiled Rotten to do some piece work, which is different from my normal job there.  On top of that I need to go to the bank to drop off a check, check my accounts, go to the transfer station, and take care of ACX.  Fortunately I think I can achieve this since only ACX is something that I’d do at my computer, and I’m hoping I won’t feel so burned out because of everything else I’ve done.

I’ve considered getting a daily planner or something, since I do best when I’ve a full schedule.  However, I suspect it will end up as many of my others did.  I’ll start out with big goals and intentions, but in the end after a few weeks I won’t use it.  I need to find my own way, a different way, to schedule my life.