Frisk (Undertale)


So I promised I would do a post today and with so many things going on this weekend, I almost decided not to.  But I’m here now, since I kept saying I would make a post.  These are just a couple of things I worked on during the last week.  Fanart with Frisk from Undertale (yes, again…because I’d been watching fanmade Undertale videos) and then a random anthromorphic … I don’t know what she is, but I thought she was pretty.  Anyway, yes, both of these are super large.  Mostly I’ve been trying to do work on a larger scale so that even if I resize it to something smaller, it will look decent or even better.

Anyway…that is really it.  I just wanted to post some stuff that was unrelated to the drawing challenge to kinda show that I am starting to draw things beyond that, which to me seems like considerable progress.  That’s all for now! See you guys next Friday!